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Color Psychology in Fashion: How Black Boosts Strength?

In a world full of colors, Black is the only shade that will never go out of style.

Black is one of the powerful colors that almost everyone wears. It is the most versatile color. 

And you might know every color scheme has some psychological effect. Some might wonder if such a color has some positive impact.

Yes, they do. Black color will boost your inner and outer strengths. Wearing this popular color will make you look powerful and stylish.

Color psychology in fashion black

Knowing Color Black

Black is a shade that isn’t actually a common color. Our eyes completely absorb what black radiates and we can’t see it.

This means this dark color has existed since the beginning of the light itself. It was also the first color that humans used from charcoal or soot.

The hex code for black is #000000. This means there is no presence of any three primary colors (red, green, or blue). There is no light displayed so it appears black.

Some real-life examples of black are,

  • The night sky
  • Black cats, black sheep and beetles
  • Volcanic Ash
  • Logo of Apple Inc.
  • Blackberries and beans
  • Sunglasses

Facts about Black Color

This color of power is so unique that it has many surprising facts. Here are 10 of them to toggle your mind.

  1. The color black does not have any hue. It is what you get when there is no light.
  2. The meaning of the word ‘Black’ is ‘dark’ or ‘ink’ – an absence of color.
  3. Black is the color of Anubis, an underworld Egyptian god. However, ancient Egypt used black positively as it was the color palette of the Nile River’s rich soil.
  4. Black was the color choice for ancient Rome Artisans to get covered from the dirt of dirty jobs.
  5. Feng Shui regards black as water and career. It should be used in the north sections of the home or office.
  6. Courtroom judges and officials started wearing black dark shades in the 13th century.
  7. Fascists’ and Nazis’ favorite color was black which could be seen in their signs and uniforms.
  8. Muhammad’s soldiers carried black colored banners so colour black is significant to Muslims.
  9. Though this popular shade is connected to black panthers, they are not the primary species. When jaguars or leopards receive excess melanin, their skin turns black.
  10. The first commercial car, T Ford, was launched in color black.

Black color in fashion: Boosting Strength

The psychology of the color black states that it boosts strength in you. It is the color of authority and power.

Black Makes You Feel Strong

Black is psychologically linked to power and authority. When you wear black clothes, it activates these associations in your mind.

Color theory says that the mind perceives black as armor. You will develop confidence and assertiveness in the wearer.

All these shielding barriers from the color of energy will boost your inner strength.

People Take You More Seriously in Black

This is the reason academics and corporations choose black as their uniform. The black dress showcases professionalism and competence.

It makes employees look serious about what they are doing and deserves to be taken with seriousness.

So black accessories or clothes can be your color of growth in professional settings. Next time in job interviews, presentations, and meetings go in black.

Black Makes You Look Sexy

Isn’t sexiness our strength? Black makes you look slim and elongated. Your figure will look sleek in black garments. 

Plus, you will gain a touch of mystery that adds to your sexiness. Sometimes black is also considered as the color of romance. 

The confidence boost increases your strength in presenting yourself. And that’s a really cool asset to have in you.

Many people are left behind as they are afraid to show up. Tell them to wear black and feel stronger.

Black Makes You Seem Mysterious

Black absorbs light. It is a mysterious color that creates a unique mysterious aura. The reason is your detail becomes less prominent.

The mystery of this color of rebellion can intrigue people. You will appear more interesting and captivating.

The person whom people look for will naturally gain strength and attention.

Black Looks Sharp and Put-Together

Black is like a potato, fits with every dress. It goes with almost everything.

Black dresses are a foolproof idea to look sharp and put together. You can quickly change even if you don’t have much time to get dressed.

A good look will boost your confidence. A confident person will have his strengths.

Negative Associations of Color Black

While black boasts many positive traits, it is also linked to darkness and fear. Often in movies, we see villainous characters in black attire or setup. 

Even we refer to bad moods, sadness, and depression as ‘black mood’ or ‘black day’. Since almost all cultures project black as death, it further makes this a negative energy.

If done negatively, even magic and jokes are named ‘black magic’ and ‘black humor’.

Black cats are seen as bad luck in some regions. Omens and warnings are phrased as ‘black clouds on the horizon’.

In modern tech, if a computer or laptop flickers black, it means the system has crashed. And the term ‘blacklisted’ is used to signify deemed undesirable.

Black color beyond the fashion

Apart from the black in fashion, it has rich and diverse meanings across cultures and disciplines.

In almost all religions, black represents death and ending. Christians wear black during the funerals.

Eastern religions link black with the underworld. Also black is a signal of rebirth from which creation begins.

Africans regard black as a symbol of power, masculinity, and ancestry. In Asian cultures, blacks showcase seriousness and respect.

Black is a powerful marketing color. Brands use black to display luxury and exclusivity for high-end expensive products. Sometimes it creates a sense of urgency in sales or promotions for luxury fashion brands.

As an element for generating contrast, depth, and drama, we can see the wide use of black in art. The main task is to show the absence of the color. Artists paint darkness, sorrow, or power using black.

In events, celebrities blend black with galas and red carpets for elegance. In case of events related to seriousness like graduations or funerals, it is a traditional color for formal attire.

Black can be used as a highlighter in designs. It creates a clean modern aesthetic. It can also be a backdrop for other colors. 

Graphic designs use black for text, while the interior design uses black for a dramatic atmosphere.

Common Questions and Answers

What does the color black do to your mind?

The color black has a versatile and complex impact on our minds. Your thinking will get more powerful, sophisticated, and mysterious. You might even feel as if you have acquired a lot of physical and mental strength. However, you might become sad, pessimistic, or delusional. 

What is the perception of the color black?

While some claim black is their favorite color, it is not perceived well. Black is regarded by many as a bold and dramatic color. Corporate sees the color as a formal and elegant shade. Many luxury items use black as their signature color. In some cultures, it is a symbol of death or ending.

What does black mean spiritually?

Spiritually black means the inverse of light. When we come face to face with an extremely unfortunate event, we name it a black day. It is called the worst day with the absence of light (here light is hope). In some spiritual beliefs, it represents death and rebirth. Some people also consider black as the potential for new beginnings.

What emotion does black represent?

The emotions linked to black are pride, confidence, optimism, and a sense of self-worth. These emotions can make a person go on a negative or positive pathway. Depending upon the situation and psychology, black color can represent emotions like sadness, grief, or fear.

Is black a royal color?

Yes, of course! Black is the real royal color. It is associated with dignity, formality, and power. You can see black armor, cutleries, weapons, castles, and even crowns of various royal families. It has been a popular choice for royal attire and heraldry for ages.

Why black is powerful?

Black is powerful because it is the foundation of mystery, strength, and formality. It is a counterpart of all of our existence. While we see the sun as our source of power, black holes are often rumored to be destroyers. Black has the power to absorb light and command attention. Everything that black represents creates a sense of importance.


Wearing a black dress will boost your strength. Your strength will increase because black will psychologically make you a powerful, sexy, serious, mysterious, and put-together person.

But if you don’t take care of your mental health, it can increase sadness and depression. 

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