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Color Psychology in Fashion: How Emerald Green Boosts Intellectual Capability?

Ever wondered why certain colors catch your eye and influence your decisions? Color psychology plays a significant role in our lives, particularly in the fashion industry. 85% of purchase decisions are influenced by color. And one of such captivating shades is emerald green.

Emerald green is an artistic and scientific representation of pigments. We have vividly researched how this color green variation affects us psychologically. By the end of the article, you will know

  • History and Origin of Emerald Green color
  • Various shades of emerald green
  • How emerald green dresses boost our intellectual capacity
  • Emerald gemstones in Astrology

Psychology of color emerald green

Emerald green color psychology refers to how people act in visual contact with the emerald shade of color green. It’s standard hex code is #50C878.

Some real life examples of emerald green are,

  • Precious Gemstone Emerald,
  • Plant foliage,
  • Emerald dove,
  • Shades of Northern lights, and
  • Copper carbonate mineral Malachite

Emerald might be an expensive color by looks. There are many reptiles, vegetables, and insects that have an emerald tone. All these things have some sort of value like tasty, rare, or special, probably due to their color.

Origin and History of Emerald green

Emerald green was named after the gemstone emerald. In 1814, German chemists developed a new pigment “schweinfurt green” (Emerald). It was a magical discovery that soon became famous in paints and fabrics.

However, the pigment was made from a mixture of copper, vinegar, and arsenic (toxic) whose dangers were not fully understood. There were cases of lead and arsenic poisoning. It was even believed that green wallpaper in Napoleon Bonaparte’s bedroom was the reason for his declining health.

As the awareness rose, the schweinfurt green was replaced by toxic free emerald green pigments. Today, emerald green is a popular color in art, fashion, design, and even environmental movements.

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Knowing Shades of Emerald

Emerald green is a vibrant shade of green. It is described as a verdant green with a slight blue undertone. 

On the color wheel, it is located on the 140° mark slightly on the bluish side. Clockwise from emerald on the color wheel, there are lighter shades of green and counter-clockwise there are darker green shades. The classic emerald green can be represented by RGB values of (80, 200, 120).

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Color in Fashion: Emerald green Boosting Intellectual Capacity

Some of you must be wondering, how can a color with such horrific history boost intellectuality? Well, even making poison requires smartness. 

But, it is not the answer. The color composition was toxic but the shade was visually stunning. Wearing emerald green will boost your thinking ability. Let’s us explain you how:

Factors TriggersReasons
Clarity and ConfidenceClear visionNo barriers or distractions
Emotional Well beingMental FitnessBetter brain functioning
Love and affectionBetter emotional expressionNo hate and biases
Possess and collectGrowth in lifeSynchronized planning

Get smarter with clarity and confidence.

Emerald green dresses make you clear and confident. You will have a clear vision for your plans. Your process of conducting is more to the point. Even if the steps are not comfortable, you will easily handle those with confidence.

The study shows that when you are in the presence of green there is an increase in perceived exertion (physical and mental effort) [1]. 

How does it work: When you are clear in life, your thinking will be more straight. There will be no barriers or distractions. A clear mind is a way to boost intelligence.

Keep your emotional well-being in place.

Wearing emerald green keeps you emotionally stable. An emotionally balanced person is mentally strong. They can judge goodness or worse points on subject matter. They are able to be calm and stable.

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How does it work: Mental fitness is good for brain cells. Your mind will function in a better way. This will improve your cognitive ability and make you smarter.

Recognize love and affection through emeralds.

In color psychology, emerald green is the shade of love, compassion, and affection. Wearing this color will help in expressing your emotions more openly. You will encourage others too. You will have a deep connection of unity and understanding with those around you.

How does it work: When you learn to accept people, you will start making better decisions in life. Wearing emerald green generates affection to people near you. You are not surrounded by hate and biases. In a good environment, your level of thinking will excel.

Encourage your heart to collect and possess.

Emerald green garments have healing properties that can mend a broken heart. You will let go of past hurts and open itself up to new possibilities. This leads to possessing things. You want to collect wealth, care, respect and other attributes. You will start noticing the growth. But be aware, don’t get too jealous of possession. 

How does it work: Wearing emerald green clothes will accelerate your desire to collect everything. You will start making plans. Your synchronized actions will make you a creativity thinker.

Emerald Green Beyond the Fashion

Emerald is a symbol of eternal life in ancient Egypt. In Irish culture, it signifies mystical landscapes of the country. Islam recognizes emerald green as a shade of paradise and spiritual growth.

If you use emerald green in interior design, it creates a sense of tranquility and sophistication in home spaces. Brands use this color to be marketed as luxurious and environmentally conscious. Artists use emerald green to depict natural landscapes and evoke emotions.

Emerald Gemstone in Astrology

Emerald (Panna) is a costly gemstone mineral beryl. Astrologically, people with weak mercury in their birth chart are recommended to wear emerald. Wearing an emerald ring will boost the mental ability of the person.

The gemstone is also favorable for pregnant women and people with stammering. It is believed that the emerald maintains good health, reduces snake bites, lowers mental stress, and brings good fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the emerald green color symbolize?

Emerald green symbolizes intellectual prowess. It is associated with love, growth, and healing.

What is the personality of the emerald green?

Emerald green personality means someone is intelligent. They value harmony and balance in their life. They are often creative and compassionate.

What emotion is associated with green?

Green is the color of growth. Various shades of green highlight growth on different aspects of life. Wearing emerald green grows you in love, forest green in joy, and dark green is happiness.

Why is emerald green a symbol of jealousy?

Emerald green makes you possess things. You want to acquire everything in life. When you are possessive, you turn out to be jealous. Due to its possessive attribute, this color is connected with love and affection.

Is emerald green a good color for cashmere scarves?

Yes, emerald green is an excellent choice for cashmere scarves. The color perception for emeralds connects you with love. As cashmere is the best alternative to tackle textile pollution, emerald shades resemble affection with the planet. You will be wearing luxurious cashmere in the color of nature lover.


Emerald green is a versatile and captivating color that affects your intellectual capability. Wearing emerald green makes you more possessive to acquire things that you love.

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[1] Briki W, Majed L (2019). Adaptive Effects of Seeing Green Environment on Psychophysiological Parameters When Walking or Running. Front Psychol.