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Color Psychology in Fashion: How Forest Green Boosts Calmness?

Would you like to know how to relieve stress and feel calm?

What if we say that there exists a calming color for the dress you wear?

Better yet, what if we provide reasons why forest green is the best single color scheme for clothes to boost your calmness?

Yes, you read it correctly. Forest green is the color for the presence of mind

We have carefully researched through various color psychology studies for this deduction. By the end of the article, you will know

  • Forest green psychology and forest bathing,
  • Identifying forest green color with other shades,
  • How forest green boosts calmness,
  • Forest green color beyond the apparel,
  • Forest green color as symbol of positivity, and
  • Reason to buy forest green cashmere scarf.

Forest green color psychology

Forest green color psychology refers to the impact on behavior and gut feeling of a person when he/she is accommodated near to color forest green. The hex code for this color is #228B22.

Some real-life examples of forest green color are:

  • Forests,
  • Eco-friendly Green roofs,
  • Herbal teas,
  • Nouveau design arts, and
  • Traditional Japanese gardens.

As the name suggests, this shade of dark green refers to the color of nature. In the color wheel, it is in the section of dark green shades. It is a cool color, often having a relaxing effect on visuals. The lighter shades and darker shades of this popular color depend upon the portion you choose on the color wheel.

Forest bathing

When we are talking about relaxing color psychology, forest bathing is something to have an idea of. It is a technique or exercise or mindfulness practice of being in the forest atmosphere. The term was referred to in the 1980s (Japan) as Shinrin-yoku. 

The technique helps us to relax and get connected with nature. This works because nature has the most powerful color. The more we stay near nature and its vibrant shades, the more mindfulness we achieve. 

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Similar colors to forest green

Darker shades of green are often hard to classify. They all look the same for most people but it’s minute changes that make each color stand alone. Here are some shades similar to forest green and ways to differentiate them:

Olive GreenEarthy and RichLess saturated and cooler undertones
Emerald greenDeep and LuxuriousBrighter and more jewel-toned (like an emerald gemstone)
Hunter GreenRich and DarkMore darker and intense
Sage GreenCalming and reminiscent of fresh herbsLighter, Dustier, and more muted
Moss GreenEarthy and mutedMore muted and less vibrant

Forest Green in Fashion: Boosting Calmness

Whoever has noticed forest green, isn’t it so calming? What do you think makes it so relaxing? Let’s find out:

Nature VibesBelonging to the natureBiophia – connection with nature
Freshness and HealthierPositive State of MindRelease of Calming neurotransmitters
Grounded ValuesPersistence toward the goalsCultivates inner strength
Exposure to greenAwarenessConductive brain functions

Get the natural vibes of the forest.

When you are in the jungle or wear clothes associated with natural color, it will automatically get serene. In the scientific world, this is connected to Biophilia. Biophilia is feeling love generated for nature. Studies even claim an innate genetic and biological connection between humans and nature [1].

How does it work: Seeing or wearing forest green clothes evokes a Biophilic response. It will make you feel that you belong to nature. As a result, you will be relaxed and calm.

Feel fresh and healthier in greenery.

Seeing green triggers relaxation responses. It will lower stress hormones like cortisol and promote the release of calming neurotransmitters. The good hormones stimulate positive emotions and promote feelings of well-being.

Indirectly, forest green garments push a healthier state of mind. The more positive the mind, the more hope, optimism, and growth. The earth tone makes you enjoy the present. Long-term exposure to nature is good for cardiovascular health and cognitive functions [2]. 

How does it work: Wearing a forest green apparel subconsciously releases calming hormones. Those hormones make you feel better mentally and physically. It will ultimately make you feel tranquil. 

Maintain your character like a persistent forest.

It is equally metaphorical and psychological to say forest green clothes raise your persistent character. Like the deep roots of trees in the forest, you will cultivate your inner strength. You will stay grounded in your values.

You will accept changes as if they are growth. Just like sunlight and water nourish the jungle, this shade will nourish your inner spirit. You will carve your path through regularity and discipline.

How does it work: Often people get diverted from their aim and lose their mental health. Wearing color green garments pushes you to work continuously towards your goal. You will feel a sense of calmness as you will be going on the right path.

Be more aware of the presence of greenery.

Countless studies show that even the slightest exposure to green can make you more aware [3]. The rooted nature vibes make you more conscious.

As forests are symbols of a new beginning, you will start noticing what is happening in the periphery. You will start working on aspects of life that need improvement. It will foster a desire for growth through self-awareness.

How does it work: When you are aware, your brain is more conductive. It will start focusing in a certain direction, leaving out unnecessary hurdles. The heightened sense of awareness wearing forest green clothes will make you more calm.

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What does wearing forest green tell about you?

Yes, we have already mentioned wearing forest green clothes makes you optimistic. This is the perception of viewers on how they are seen with shades of forest green.

You will be seen as a calm person who loves nature. Dark green forest dresses are bold statements as it isn’t a typical color code for clothes. This makes you courageous, breaking the norms of fashion.

You will look confident. Your dress will showcase your desire for inner peace. You will look like a grown and stable individual. Some may view you as a creative person with a standout cloth color choice.

However, these are just some interpretations. It’s how you feel inside wearing your favorite color.

Forest green beyond fashion

The variations of forest green color were common during the 17th century. The first recorded use of hue ‘forest green’ in the U.S. was found in 1810. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the color was adopted by militaries and weaponry companies.

Forest green color serves as a symbol of the natural world. In medical practice, color is associated with biophilia and healing. Art and designs use color to showcase natural beauty. Some premium car designs and clothing brands use this color to highlight luxury.

In Ireland, forest green signifies luck and prosperity. China regards color as abundance. Egyptians hold this color as a shade of life and rebirth. All these countries used natural pigments like malachite and verdigris to create green hues in the past.

Forest green towards a positive change

This will not be wrong to say ‘Forest green is the color of our existence‘. If we observe colors surrounding us, green is always associated with positivity. Slogans like ‘Go Green’, ‘Green earth is our right’, and ‘Green for survival’ is used in environmental issues.

Future generations are more connected to this color. Modern architecture refers to sustainable building materials with terms like green roofs. Eco-friendly technologies associated with green energy are often branded in green color. Even terms like organic food or natural ingredients are referred to in cool green shades.

Every aspect of dark forest green is a representation of life. Environmental sensitivity is needed to have a sustainable living. Our favorite fashions are the products of nature. No nature – no garments – no fashion. So wear green, respect green.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does forest green signify?

Forest green color signifies natural growth and a grounded connection to the earth. The color also reflects peace, stability, renewal, and optimism.

Is forest green good for mental health?

Yes, the forest green color is indeed good for mental health. Many studies have shown the correlation between the color green and the reduction of stress, improved moods, and promoted well-being.

Are forest greens good for the soul?

Of course, wearing shades of green can potentially nurture your emotional and spiritual well-being. When you are surrounded by forest or greenery, you evoke a sense of peace and renewal inside you.

What colors go with forest green?

If you are wearing forest green apparel, it is good to style it with earthy tones (brown or beige). Pairing it with mustard yellow or orange can make you look bolder.

Why should we buy a forest green cashmere scarf?

Forest green cashmere scarves are great choices for warmth and style. As a softer color shade, it will boost your mood and connect with the calm essence of nature.


The psychological impact of the forest green color in dresses leads you to become calmer. Moreover, if you opt for a sustainable lifestyle, you will hand over the green light of survival to the upcoming generation. 

So we have two things: forest green apparel for peace and sustainable products for the earth. What is the best option for that? Forest green cashmere scarf!

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