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Color Psychology in Fashion: How Light Blue Boosts Reliability?

Fashion is simple – dress simply, and wear comfortably. Simplicity is not only an aspect of designs, but color scheme too. 

One of the best colors for minimalists is light blue. Though it might not be everyone’s favorite color it sure is well-liked.

And this cool color does have psychological effects. Wearing light blue will make you reliable, and committed, and promote a sense of calm

We have researched a wide range of experiments to figure out how lighter shades of color blue boost reliability. By the end of this article, you will have an idea of

  • Light blue color psychology
  • Identify light shades of blue
  • Effect of wearing light blue dresses
  • Light blue color beyond the fashion
  • Feeling sad on association with light blue, true or false?

Let’s begin with knowing about color psychology and the incorporation of light blue on it.

Light blue color psychology

When someone refers to the psychology of light blue color, they are discussing the emotional and psychological effects that the color has on people. Light blue is commonly associated with reliability, trustworthiness, and commitment.

The hex code for light blue is #ADD8E6. In the color wheel, it resides opposite the dark orange shade. Some colors that go well with blue tones are purple, red, yellow, brown, green, and pink.

Some real-life examples of Light blue are,

  • Petal of forget-me-not plant
  • Swimming pool on a sunny day
  • Argentinian flag
  • Light wash denim shirt
  • Color of UN organizations

Similar colors to light blue and confusion

Identifying light hues of blue can be sometimes confusing. Numerous colors seem the same. 

The most similar is sky blue (#87CEEB hex code). It is a clear blue color of the sky. It is more clear and vibrant than light blue. Sky blue is the color of optimism and freshness.

Another is baby blue (#89CFF0 hex code). The pale shade of blue used in children’s clothes (especially baby boys) is this color. Light blue is a bit deeper shade compared to baby blue. 

Powder blue (#B6D0E2 hex code) has a grayish cast and pale tone. It is kind of light blue but mixing it with a gray cast makes it different.

Some shades of Turquoise blue (#40E0D0 hex code) can confuse people. It is a color of tropical water with a greenish-blue hue. Look for its green undertone to distinguish it from light blue.

Periwinkle blue (#CCCCFF hex code) is a light blue color with a hint of lavender or violet. You can look for the latter undertones to identify.

Light blue color in fashion: Boosting Reliability

Light Blue pigment in your clothes boosts reliability. This means you will consistently perform well in your life. Here’s how it works:

CommitmentUnconscious mindAlternative Motivations
Association with positivityTrusted personalityEmotional association with happiness
StabilityConsistent performanceActivation of motivation-related brain areas

Fosters sense of commitment

People tend to be more committed to the presence of light blue color [1]. An experiment was conducted to perform cognitive task performance in different colors. The outcomes showed that people were more committed to working on blue color.

How does it work: The color blue affects the alternative motivation of the person. It means they are responding out of consciousness. They become more committed to the task. Hence, a more reliable performer by nature.

Inspires and Kindles positive association

There was an interesting experiment conducted among a group of people [2]. Some words were written in blue and red. Respondents were subjected to reading those words. They detected the happy target word faster in blue than in red. 

How does it work: The color-emotion association in humans sees the color light blue as a positive association. It leads to inspiration. When inspired you tend to associate yourself in positive fields. This makes you more charming, trusted, and reliable.

Conveys stability and consistency

A set of people were provided tasks with different types [3]. The tasks were proofreading (detail-oriented) and remote associates (creative thinking). Both tasks were provided or subjected to the colors red, gray, and blue. The result showed that the performance in blue color was much superior compared to others.

How does it work: In association with light blue, it activates motivation-related brain areas (left frontal cortex). It allows people to work consistently on their goals. A consistent individual is a reliable person in every sense.

Light color blue beyond the fashion

In Western cultures, light blue is considered the color of trust. Egyptian people consider Lapis Lazuli (blue gemstone) a representation of heaven. If you travel to the Indian region, light blue is regarded as the spiritual color.

The most famous use of light shades of blue is in The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso. In art, light blue reflects hope and motivation to continue.

Companies with blue logos are taken as trusted brands. But over time, it might look dull and uninspiring. Therefore, not a great choice for businesses.

There is one popular belief that eating in any shade of blue plates can be beneficial for losing weight. This can work psychologically but not scientifically.

Blue is accepted more among men (masculine color). Even on gender reveal, blue is associated with boys. That’s why baby blue is common for baby boys. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the color theory of light blue?

The color theory of light blue is associated with calmness and peace. Light shades of blue also represent trustworthiness. It is a complementary color of orange in the color wheel. So their combination is considered the most vibrant contrast.

What is your personality if you like light blue?

If you like light blue, you will be often seen as a calm and collected person. You will likely prefer a harmonious natural environment. There are chances that you might value peace and serenity.

What does the color light blue mean spiritually?

Spiritually, light blue symbolizes heaven or the purest thing. Often people mistake sky blue or baby blue for light blue. That’s the reason some spiritually connect this color shade with vastness, which is not completely correct.

Does light blue represent sadness?

Many researches demonstrate people subjected to blue lights had feelings of sadness or gloominess. This is the case with darker shades of blue. Light blue leans more towards feelings of calmness, a true sign of peaceful color.

Is a light blue cashmere scarf luxurious?

Yes, a light blue cashmere scarf is a luxurious piece. Material-wise, cashmere is a soft and time-consuming fabric to prepare. If you see it from a color perspective, light blue is a sophisticated color. Both aspects make this a luxurious item.


The light color blue has the psychological effect of boosting reliability. It is the perfect color for self-growth.

You can also take this as a non-threatening color as everyone favors blue-wearing people. 

So suit up, and accessorize in light blue from today. And if you don’t know what to style with, check out our 100% pure featherweight light blue cashmere scarf

Wrap yourself in the touch of spirituality and reliability. Easy Luxury, Easier Success!


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