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Color Psychology in Fashion: How Sky Blue Boosts Optimism?

Have you ever seen the clear sky? What do you feel?

Freedom – Calm – Fresh or something else! All of these are psychological impacts you had seeing the color blue of the sky.

Sky blue is a cool color. In fact, all blue tones are considered cool.

We have researched the psychological impact of these lighter shades of blue. By the end of the article, you will learn

  • Color psychology of sky blue 
  • Sky blue’s position on the color wheel
  • Psychological associations of sky blue on boosting optimism
  • Sky blue color symbolism beyond fashion
  • The idea to naturally dye cashmere scarf in sky blue

Sky blue color psychology

Sky blue color psychology refers to how people feel when they are acquainted with sky blue color. The hex code of this appealing color is #87CEEB.

Color psychology can be defined as the study of behavioral responses of a person in the presence of definitive color. Color does have psychological effects on wearing.

According to research colors can have the ability to increase a person’s arousal [1]. Some real-life examples of sky blue color are

  • Color of the sky
  • Egg of bird Robin
  • Blue Morpho butterfly
  • Blue lakes

All these real-life objects have a sort of calming effect and ultimately lead to optimism.

Sky blue in color wheel

It is essential to know about the RGB position of color before knowing its psychology. The shades of the sky lie

  • between blue and green shades 
  • closer to the color blue
  • the direct opposite of yellow

So this color has the opposite effect as compared to yellow (more orange shade). As yellow (an active color) makes you feel energetic, sky blue makes you calm.

Sky blue in fashion: Boosting Optimism

Yes, sky blue is the color of optimism. If you wear a sky blue dress, you will have a positive feeling of everything. Here is how:

Factors Triggers Reasons
Calming influenceRelaxation responsePositive associations
OpennessHopeImagine new possibilities
DevotionSelfless loveStrong relationships
FreshnessConfidenceSense of new start
Heavenly thoughtDivine acting as your shieldAssociation with something larger than life

Surround yourself with a calming influence

When you wear sky-blue clothes, you will have a calming effect. It will lower your heart rate and sense of balance. 

This is due to our connection of blue with a peaceful natural environment. Clear skies and associations with water to name a few. That’s why when surrounded by sky blue, our brain triggers a relaxation response.

The color blue light association leads to a calm mind that boosts subjective alertness and performance enhancement [2].

How does it work: The relaxation response improves clarity to see things ahead. A clear mind is capable of good thoughts and ideas. This positive association raises a positive attitude.

[Emerald green is also a color that is good for mental ability enhancement. Know more on color psychology in fashion – emerald green.]

Explore the vastness and limitless possibilities of the sky

The more we expand to the sky, the more there is freedom and openness. The vast explorer of the sky is something we have all dreamed of.

Wearing sky blue subconsciously evokes this feeling. You will think creatively and imagine new possibilities.

How does it work: What makes you optimistic? Hope. When you have new possibilities in your head, you will germinate hope inside you. That hope gives you the power to encourage.

Feel the selfless love and devotion

A calm and trusting environment is needed to extend the feeling of love. Love is the deep dive into devotion.

Wearing a sky-blue dress directly associates you with the peaceful atmosphere of the sky. You will be more devoted to your soulmate.

How does it work: Being surrounded by sky blue creates a more open atmosphere. It helps you to foster strong relationships. In a strong relationship, you can trust and love your partner unselfishly. You will get more optimistic about your future bonding with your soulmate.

Welcome the purity and innocence of the clear blue sky

The clean sky might be the purest tone that ever existed. It is linked to cleanliness and freshness.

Sky blue dresses reflect the freshness vibes. You will feel light and confident wearing these.

Sky Blue is a wonderful color that activates the melanopsin photoreceptor system [3]. It makes you feel confident and increases mental awareness.

How does it work: The blue coloring of the sky can trigger innocence and a sense of a new start. Starting fresh will make you optimistic.

Connect with heavenly thoughts

Each of us is somehow impacted by the religious beliefs we hold. Most religions consider the sky as the dwelling place of the Lord or something supreme.

Wearing sky blue can be a bridge between the earthly realm and the divine. It will subconsciously tap into connection with something larger than ourselves.

How does it work: In association with achromatic tones of sky blue, you will connect yourself with something divine acting as your shield. You will be hopeful that things will turn out better.

[Interesting? Want to know about the psychology of darker shades of blue? Check our article on cobalt blue color psychology in fashion.]

Sky blue beyond fashion

Sky blue is the color stepped in symbolism and natural beauty. It is nature’s palette as our global roof is the same color.

In Arts, this is a favorite color to highlight the vastness of landscapes and abstract pieces (for example Pablo Picasso). It is a color scheme for calming interior designs.

Some cultures consider light blue shades as spirituality and connection to the divine. Historical buildings use sky blue for the feeling of majesty.

Shades of blue are ideal choices for trustworthy brand colors. So you can see blue logo designs mostly on cleaning products and life tech companies. Study shows that blue choices for logos increase the quality and trustworthiness appraisals of a brand. [4]

Some people even believe eating in blue plates as it is recognized as an appetizing color.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does sky blue represent?

Sky blue represents feelings of peace and tranquility. It is the shade of serenity, hope, and optimism. This hue also represents open-mindedness, freedom, and vastness.

What does sky blue say about your personality?

If you have a sky-blue personality, you will value peace and calmness. You will have optimistic thinking and act creatively. 

What does sky blue mean in love?

Sky blue reflects selflessness in love. It is the power of caring for others unselfishly without prioritizing one’s needs. In a relationship, it is the color of trust and loyalty.

How to dye a cashmere scarf in sky blue organically?

Natural dyes such as indigo can be used to prepare sky-blue cashmere scarves. But you must follow the procedure carefully as natural dyes might be reactive to protein fibers.

Is sky blue a motivational color?

No, sky blue is not a color of motivation. However, it does have a calming effect. It can help reduce stress and a sense of peace. If you seek psychological motivation through hues, you can choose brighter and bolder shades of blue.


This is how sky blue is the color of optimism. It is a popular choice if you want to start life in a positive aspect.

However, shades of blue can be difficult to identify. 

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