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15 Memorial Day Gift Ideas for the Families of Fallen Heroes

Not all memories are sunshine and laughter, but even the bittersweet ones hold value. Like, the memories of loved ones lost in service!

On May 27, United States celebrates the ultimate sacrifice of military personnel’s. It is the Memorial Day to honor people who died serving in U.S. military.

The day is declared as the national holiday on the remembrance of deceased veterans.

Behind every veteran is a strong family. Since families share the countless sacrifices of veterans, they also deserve to be shown appreciation through meaningful gifts.

Confused on what to choose as a gift for Memorial Day? Scout our collection of gifts for the closed ones of militaries.

15 Thoughtful gift ideas for military families

An opportunity for military service is itself an every gift for veterans. If a military hero dies, there family carries on hero’s memory.

The gift for them should reflect deep gratitude, honor veteran’s service, and offer comfort for their grief.

1. Country flag (house flag and garden flag)

The best patriotic gift to commemorate military heroes is American flag. After all, all these fighters lived their dreams for country’s pride.

You can gift their families a house flag for showing they admire the nation.

Even a bundle of garden flag can be decorative as well as honorary items.

2. Cashmere Scarves

To show your depth of gratitude, you might want to present them with timeless pieces. And what could be more everlasting than cashmere scarves?

Handmade Cashmere Scarves are beautiful accessories. It is made from Artisans who love their village and nature.

Similar to service holders, they too are fighting for the pride of their habitat. It is a perfect memorial gift from one brave community to another.

3. Military Emblems

Military Emblems might be the perfect gift for honor families. Military personnel’s often live by dignity and respect for their kits.

Even their family will have huge appreciation for their loved ones kits. Military gifts will make them proud and happy.

You can choose emblems of Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force or Coast Guard, depending upon whom you are gifting to.

4. Piece of Jewelry

Every one loves Jewelry. Gifting Angel necklace has been a popular choice for a while now.

Angel Wings Necklace holds symbolic meaning. It means the angels from heaven will look after the deceased veterans.

You can choose wide variety of angel wings necklace or other custom jewelries in remembrance of fallen heroes.

5. Photo Frames

Memorial day is not complete without looking at picture of brave soldiers. People upright their portraits and lit a light in front of them.

So why not gift them a photo frame? Photo frame can be used to enclose the picture of fallen soldier.

There are varieties of style you can choose from. Avoid too much fancy frames and you will have an ideal gift.

6. BBQ Gift baskets

Food can be the easiest present to someone. Memorial day is also the day of gathering around.

You will go to people whom you love. You will meet, talk about heroes, and have some delicious food.

It is better to carry a gift basket with delicious food like BBQ, cheese, fruits, salads, or chocolates. Take care of food allergies though!

7. Historical Books

Most army men love history. They boast on how their effort won a war and made enemy fall on their knee.

If you look at their choice of books, it is mostly on history, diplomats, and tactics.

Offer one of such book and place them in front of their picture. They will bless you. Even family members can get to know how amazing is a heroes’ journey.

8. Ancient Coins

Ancient Coins are often imprinted with designs, kings, queens, and military heroes.

The older it gets, it gets more expensive. Depending upon your budget, you can buy one in pawn store.

Ancient coins ages like a fine wine so the families will preserve it by remembering military heroes and gift provider.

9. Ceramic coffee mug

In all memorial gift ideas, ceramic mugs might be the cheapest one. There is variety of styles to choose for.

Mugs are very handy and useful gift. They can be used in daily life. You can even use it as decorative.

Ceramic made mugs are good for body too. It is not reactive unlike plastic ones.

10. Meditation Yoga Retreats packages

Rough times can be bad for mental health. You can imagine how much a family suffers when their loved one leaves them.

They might need something to clear their mind. The best thing for this is retreat packs. This might not be a popular gift choice but an effective one.

Book a yoga retreats for them in Himalayas. The natural beauty and breath of fresh air will make them feel healthier and happier.

11. Personal Stationaries and Kits

When we refer to personal stationaries, it means personal academic and hobby kit.

The kits will be useful in their daily life and keep them busy. It can aid them in professional life too.

You can present them with geometry kit, canvas; make up kit, hair dressing kit, or gaming kits.

12. Keepsake box

Keepsake box are becoming popular choice for a present.

You purchase a beautiful elegant box, keep some valuable inside, and make it a present.

You can also gift an empty box so that family members themselves can add something prized inside it.

13. Memorial Candle

After decades of military service, veterans only get a picture and candle in front of them.

We might not be able to change that. But we can aid memories by purchasing memorial candles.

The families will save some money and you can also be part of memorial event.

14. Spiritual Kits

Countless individuals are trying to grow themselves from inside. A growth is hard in such unfortunate scenarios.

You can help them achieve mindfulness by gifting spiritual kits.

It can be stones, books, recordings of sages, and some packages. The spiritual path needs a guide and you can become one.

15. Memorial Pets

When someone dies, his or her closed one will be lonely. It is not certain they will have some other dear people.

In such case, gift them a friend. Go to the pet store and buy a cutest home animal.

Dogs, cats, llamas, parrots, and hamsters can be some of the best pet memorial gifts.

Common Questions and Answers

Do you give gifts on Memorial Day?

Memorial day is not a typical gift-giving occasion. It is a day to remember who sacrificed their life for a nation. People revisit memorials to acknowledge the fallen soldiers. However, you can use thoughtful gift for thanking or respecting veteran families.

What are the items associated with Memorial Day?

American Flags and Military Emblems are primary items associated with Memorial Day. People use American flags to decorate homes, graves, and use them in parades. Some people also wear red poppies as symbol of remembrance.

What do you honor on Memorial Day?

We honor military personnel on Memorial Day. These include United States Armed Forces, Combat Armies, War injured military heroes, and active duty cadets. It is a day to show respect for their service.

What not to do on Memorial Day?

Don’t take a Memorial Day as a weekend day to rest. If you are involved in loud noise activities like construction or concerts near memorials, refrain for a day. Avoid any disrespectful behaves for veterans. Instead, appreciate them for their contribution.

Is Memorial Day only for military?

No, Memorial Day is not only for military. It is for all Americans to admire the cost of freedom. Everyone can be part of remembrance. You can volunteer at veteran organizations, clean streets, and gift American heroes families. If you are not able to do these, take a moment to appreciate their sacrifices.


There you have it, the top things to give veteran families on this Memorial Day.

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