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10 Celebrity Style Icons and Their Love for Black Color

Black is such a happy color darling. This is the famous quote of Morticia Addams from the Addams family.

Black might not be a happy color for all but it never goes out of style. And celebrities know it.

In this article, we have searched through the world of celebrity style and the magic of black to create show-stopping looks.

By the end of the article, you will know:

  • reason to wear black dresses
  • fashion icons who love wearing black apparel
  • idea to look classy in a black dress
  • how is black cashmere a luxury fabric

Why wear a black dress?

Since the ages black color has been the staple color of the fashion world. You can dazzle people wearing black.

Why is it so? Here are plentiful reasons to wear the black dress:

  • The black color is extremely versatile. It is a chameleon of color, fit for almost every occasion.
  • Wearing black will make you powerful, intimidating, and mysterious psychologically. You can feel more confident and trustworthy.
  • Ever felt like looking too slim or too fat in some dress? If yes, try black once. It creates a clean line and covers the perception of body size.
  • Not only does it suit every occasion, but it pairs with almost every accessory too. There will be no long selection time with black, a put-together look in minutes.
  • Some colors might come and go, but that’s not the case with color black. For years to come, black will always be an investment piece.
  • Black is a universally flattering color for a wide range of skin tones.
  • The black apparel can be the perfect cover for minor imperfections like bumps and bulges.

It is your choice to wear a black dress or any other color. Suiting black will not let you down. Take an example from these celebrities, status quo style icons, mentioned below.

10 celebrity style icons who love black dress

When it comes to red carpet domination, there is nothing like the color black. There are endless possibilities if black is the staple color of your wardrobe.

Here are some celebrities turning this classic color into a statement of individuality.

1. Michelle Obama

A black woman in a black dress! The former first lady of America is a fashion icon of hope and female empowerment.

She looked astonishing in a little black dress at the 2017 Espy Awards. She joined her husband, Barack Obama who also loves wearing black, wearing a glittery black cocktail dress in support of the National Building Museum. In almost all of her tours and speech programs, she presented herself formally in black clothes.

In her interviews, she often mentioned facing gender discrimination while growing up. She is now one of the most influential people in the world. Black attire might be her statement of how powerful she has become.

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2. Beyonce

Beyonce always has her sparkling aura on every red carpet. She always tried funky apparel and cut-out tops defining classic Y2K trends.

Her love for black dresses can not be hidden. In Grammy 2018, she wore a black panther-inspired dress that took the media by storm. She has dazzled fans in black gowns, strapless ruffles, LBDs, and suits at numerous events.

The Saddest thing Bey Queen ever faced was a miscarriage in 2010. As black attire also represents death or evil, sometimes it might be a way to express her grief. It is also a way of stating she is a strong black woman who has an uncanny authority.

3. Bella Hadid

Bella likes to keep her profile low. But still, she is a supermodel and a leading fashion influencer due to her unique and edgy style signature.

On her 21st birthday, she wore her favorite black dress. She loves wearing strappy black pants, a black bustier dress, and sports chic in the same color.

Bella after her arrest in 2014 decided to become sober (no alcohol consumption). The black dress might represent her control of bad habits.

4. Jennifer Aniston

Very rarely, a celebrity has become a style icon for down-to-earth and approachable fashion. Do you know who achieved this? Jennifer Aniston.

She always wears black on Golden Globe awards. Her choice for a 90’s staple black dress on ‘The Tonight Show’ was simply elegant.

Do you know she has dyslexia? It affected her learning and self-esteem. Yet, she reached the peak of success. The black attire showcases how she leads a disciplined life despite her weaknesses.

5. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift loves making personal statements rather than following the fashion industry. This gives her a fashion icon status.

She has her list of the best black dresses of Taylor Swift. She was spotted in a black dress at the 2023 MTV VMAs, a black miniskirt in NY, and a black suit at the ‘Poor Thing’ movie premiere.

Taylor is the first musician to have a worth of billion dollars. The black dress shows her power and intimidation.

6. Julia Roberts

Julia always dresses polished (but relatable) and keeps her smile intact every time.

She wore a black dress at the Critical Choice Awards. Other instances are the TIFF premiere Ben Back, Jacquemus show, and Academy Awards.

Black dress is the color of restraint – keeping someone in control. Julia is a devotee of Neem Karoli Baba. She converted herself to Hindu for her spiritual satisfaction – that calls for control and mindfulness.

7. Zendaya

The major factor in Zendaya’s outfits is her confidence. She always looks incredibly beautiful in anything.

Her black oversized sweater with yellow print might be the cutest thing ever. She is a fashion chameleon as she slated the gala with her midi dress and black velvet gown.

Zendaya’s black attire is a reflection of her always happy life and a bit of mysteriousness.

8. Priyanka Chopra

Mrs. Jonas never missed to keep her attire sophisticated and feminine. Her style is based on inspiration when choosing apparel to wear.

Sexier – that’s the term to define her wearing a black dress. She wore a black dress at the Cannes Film Festival, met gala 2023, and even for Citadel promotion.

Priyanka always had a strong relationship with her family. Her preference for black attire might be her way of reflecting family’s importance.

9. Anne Hathaway

Anna’s outfit has a style signature of a vintage vibe. She loves and understands a great cloth – a mature style. Not a lot of people can always avoid problematic styling.

She wore a vintage black dress at the Hollywood Beauty Awards. At the Versace show, her pencil black dress turned everyone’s head towards her.

She confirmed that she had depression issues as a teen. The black textiles she wore might be a reflection of her strength in overcoming bad times on her own.

10. Liu Wen

Liu Wen is the groundbreaker and revolutionary model of this generation coming from China. The fashion influences she has can not be unseen.

She frequently wears black suits, dresses, and jackets. Her photoshoot in black traditional Chinese dress is an example of how good she looks in black.

Becoming the first Chinese supermodel is not easy work. She always needs to be formal, and look authoritative and bold. And how to do that? The black apparel!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who made the black dress famous?

The credit for making black dresses famous goes to Coco Chanel in the 1920s. Recognized as a little black dress (LBD), those dresses were simple, elegant, and versatile.

Which color is best for accessories with a black dress?

For a classic look, pearls, silver, or gold jewelry will look best with a black dress. You can add a pop of red for bolder looks. Emerald green or sapphire blue colored accessories will make you look elegant and luxurious.

How do you look classy in black dress?

Always purchase or tailor well-fitting clothes if you want to look classy in a black dress. Choose quality fabrics like cashmere for the dress. Wear accessories as needed, do not overdo it. Pick the right shoes as per event and feel confident.

Why is a black outfit attractive?

The black outfit is attractive mainly due to its slimming effect. Plus psychologically it will make you look powerful and confident. It projects confidence, flatters the figure, offers versatility, and never goes out of style.

Is black cashmere a luxury fabric?

Yes, the black cashmere is a luxury fabric. Its luxury feel comes from soft, warm, and durable lightweight fibers. Based on breed, cashmere fibers can be naturally black. You can also dye other colored natural cashmere in black shade.


So there we go, black is the king of fashion color.

Celebrities who made black his/her style signature conquered the red carpet.

These styles might have triggered your feeling to wear black. Need help figuring out where to start? We like to refer to something equally stylish and sustainable.

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