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Color Psychology in Fashion: How Dark Green Boosts Creativity?

When it comes to wearing dark green fabrics, it pays to know their impact on the mind and behavior. What psychology does the color green reflect? How does it boost certain attributes? What does it symbolize beyond the fabrics?

If you are intrigued, it’s time to learn about dark green color psychology and how it boosts your creativity. By the end of the article, you will learn:

  • The meaning of color psychology
  • Position of dark green in color wheel
  • Psychological factors boosting creativity wearing dark green clothes
  • Dark green color symbolism beyond fashion
  • Dress colors to wear with dark green cashmere scarf

Dark Green Color Psychology

In a nutshell, dark green color psychology explains how people feel or think about associating with the color dark green. It is a way of analyzing how people make decisions if they relate to darker shades of green.

There is no such concrete definition of dark-green color psychology. However, based on the Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology [1], the term color psychology is defined as “a branch of study that postulates that color has a range of psychological or behavioral responses.

Some real-life examples of people’s responses to dark shades of green are:

  • Writers prefer nature to perform their work,
  • People like the color of money (the U.S. dollar),
  • Green outfits of soldiers for creative camouflage, and
  • Dark green uniforms of the hospital hide stains.

If you have not noticed these examples and think these are just common color choices, you might not be right. You may not have known that color influences people’s choices and lures them to decide.

Dark green color position in the color wheel

When we talk about colors and their psychological impact, it is necessary to mention their color wheel positioning. The dark green’s color wheel setup is:

  • in the opposite of the red color,
  • in a nearby junction between green and blue, and
  • is the most restful and relaxing color for the human eye (all green).

So this color affects you differently than red, making you less anxious or angry. The position near blue and green provides a sense of calm and peace. A soothing color to visually connect with everyone’s inner consciousness.

Dark Green in Fashion: Boosting Creativity

One attribute of a person who truly shines while wearing dark green is creativity. When you wear this shade of green, it is easier for you to get fresh ideas and have creative dives.

Let’s look at descriptions of mechanisms by which it boosts your creativity if you are dressed in dark green.

Factors TriggersReasons
Nature-influenced colorMental PeaceThe parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) lowers stress.
Symbol of balance and calmnessUncharted creative territories of the mindThe autonomic nervous system (ANS) decides the response.
Cool color shadeFocusMind simulates consciousness properly.
Memories of dark green huesPersonal inspirationsConscious mind pays attention to arousal.

Build up creativity with nature’s influence.

Every dark green garment you wear evokes associations with lush forests and greenery. This subconscious connection triggers mental peace and fuels a creative mindset. Even if you wear a dark green shade for a brief amount of time, it will inspire you and let your creativity thrive.

Why this works: When a person wears dark green apparel, he will become much more relaxed. Exposure to green space allows the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) to recover from stress [2]. A healthy mind translates to greater creativity, as a person will have better cognitive function and problem-solving skills.

PNS: a network of nerves that relaxes the body after stressful conditions

Gain fresh perspectives through symbolic green.

Regarding color symbolism, dark green is a shade of balance and calmness. Your subconscious mind will get driven for fresh perspectives wearing this shade. Darker green encourages you to break out of mental ruts and explore uncharted creative territories.

Why this works: An autonomic nervous system (ANS) decides your responses to any setting, including your clothes. Green garments provide a soothing calmness that decreases cardiovascular reactivity in a person [3]. The balanced reactivity influences judgment and perception of efforts, all leading to better creativity.

ANS: a control system that controls bodily functions without conscious effort

Boost Focus and Creativity with Dark Green.

If you are working from home and sitting in front of a computer screen to make your living, dark green is the color for you. Your brain will be more focused. You will be surfing through ideas, possibilities, and innovations without distractions.

Why this works: The cool colors (dark green being one) do not overstimulate the consciousness like warm colors do [4]. The perception of green spaces is more associated with a sense of well-being. Dark green, being a cool shade, is good for thinking and idea generation.

Trigger Inspiration with Personal Green Memories.

Everyone likes to remember a happy moment and get motivated. This will make you inspired and more creatively boosted. As mentioned earlier, dark green is the color of nature. The color is often related to good memories. Recalling those moments can easily fuel your cognitive mind for something innovative.

Why this works: Color can affect our memory performance by triggering attention level and arousal [5]. Better memory is stored when we pay more attention to certain stimuli (color in our case). If dark green holds positive memories related to creativity, wearing it can act as a trigger.

Dark green beyond Fashion

This calming color is a shade of culture and historical significance. In Egypt, it is associated with rebirth and Osiris (the god of the underworld). Medieval Europe symbolizes this color as prosperity due to the color of the gemstone. Islam regards dark green as paradise and spiritual growth. In Japanese culture, dark green is associated with eternal life.

If you apply the color green to interior design, it creates a calm, soothing atmosphere. In Art and design, it has an association with renewal. As a marketing professional, using this color conveys luxury and environmental sensitivity to your potential customers. When you are low in life, imagine yourself as dark green, as it reflects growth and a new beginning in you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the color dark green symbolize?

The dark green color symbolizes growth, balance, and new beginnings. This color is also heavily associated with wealth and nature.

Is dark green a relaxing color?

Yes, dark green is a relaxing color. Its relaxing attributes come from its cool shade category and association with nature.

How does dark green make you feel?

Dark green makes you calm, focused, confident, and inspired. If you have some past favorable or negative associations related to dark green, it might make you nostalgic.

Is dark green in fashion?

Certainly! The color dark green is still in fashion. It is a timeless classic that is a versatile color choice for garments.

What color should I wear with a dark green cashmere scarf?

As a dark green cashmere scarf is versatile for color combinations, you can pair it with neutrals (black, white, beige, or camel) and contrasting colors (burgundy, mustard, or navy).


Now that you are acquainted with the impact on creativity of wearing dark green, use it to make a purchase decision. If you are looking to be more creative but are unable to do it, it may be that you are lacking a dark green piece in your wardrobe.

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