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Color Psychology in Fashion: How Light Grey Boosts Maturity?

What is the first thing you notice about an elderly person? Probably – a silvery grey colored hair. 

As our body fails to regenerate enough cells, we begin to age. With getting old comes wrinkles, grey hairs, weakness, a slow brain, and many more.

One best parts of old age is wisdom. In a way, we can say that as we get older, we are becoming more mature and wise.

Therefore, Light grey is a color of maturity. This works not only in life but in styling too.

Let’s get a more in-depth insight into this. We have explored through numerous types of research to know how wearing light grey makes you mature.

By the end of the article, you will know

  • light grey color psychology
  • technical information of light grey color
  • how wearing light grey boosts maturity 
  • light grey color beyond fashion
  • positive and negative perceptions of light grey

Light grey color psychology

Light grey color psychology refers to electrical impulses produced in the body of a person when subjected to light shades of grey

The concept is scientifically proven. It is even used in a mental treatment known as ‘color therapy’.

The psychology of color exists in naturally occurring things too. The light grey objects around you can affect your mood and increase certain character traits.

Some real-life examples of light grey shades are

  • color of ashes
  • color of concrete
  • The hair color of old people
  • grey matter from Ben 10
  • undyed wool of cashmere and yak
  • storm clouds

Technical information of light grey color

While white and black tones have a single shade, grey has 253. The hex code of light grey color is #d3d3d3.

In the color wheel chart, it is tilted near to white tones. As it is a neutral color, opposite to it is a vibrant yellow color.

If you want to prepare warm grey, mix Yellow, orange, and red. Green, blue, and violet make cool grey.

Colors that go well with light grey

As grey is a neutral shade, you will have a lot of combinations to try out.

You can use pink for a harmonious combination. White and baby blue can give a calming effect.

You can wear vibrant red or yellow outfits for energizing looks. Cool colors like blues and teals also can bring freshness to any scheme.

For example: You can style your grey suits with a sky-blue cashmere scarf for a mature optimistic outfit.

[Fun fact: The color black is the darkest grey tone and the color white is the lightest grey tone.]

Light grey color in fashion: Boosting Maturity

Yes, light grey clothes boost maturity in you. It doesn’t mean you will look old. It means grey color associations will make you more wise and thoughtful inside.

This is how it works:

TriggersFactors Reasons
Emotional AssociationsImpartial decision-making abilityReduced cognitive load
Subconscious mindMore serious behaviorPerception of power
Neutral thinkingMaintain secrecyLess conspicuous self-perception
MinimalismNo unnecessary gossip and thoughtsReduced stimulation
Logic and reasoningSound judgementThoughtful analysis

Make impartial decisions

When a person wears a light grey dress, they lack strong emotional association. They are more focused on objective states. 

How does it work: Neutral colors like grey reduce mental effort in processing information. It will make people think clearly with a low cognitive load. A person will then start making decisions impartially.

Example: A courtroom judge wearing a grey robe approaches cases with a clear head, free of emotional bias.

Act extremely serious

If you look into a professional setup, formal attires are dominated by neutral colors like light grey. It is targeted to make people act more seriously, more than perceived expectations.

How does it work: Light grey apparels are mostly worn by authority figures. The subconscious mind regards this color as a hue of power. This makes a person act serious and mature.

Example: The hall is filled with executives in light grey attires acting seriously and making important decisions.

Keeps matter confidential

Grey is the color of neutrality. Wearing a light grey color makes an individual more discrete. They are more mindful of the information they share.

How does it work: Compared to darker shades, light grey is less conspicuous. The person feels less of being in the spotlight. There will be a more cautious approach regarding sensitive information.

Example: Delicates often in grey suits (neutral) are much more guarded in delicate negotiations.

Always uninterested in unnecessary issues

Light grey lovers are minimalist. Such colored dresses prioritize the essentials rather than the fancy. The wearer focuses more on significant matters.

How does it work: A light grey color creates a calm environment. Styling grey means having a calmer mental state. The person will likely engage in unnecessary drama due to reduced stimulations.

Example: Busy executives in light grey outfits staying focused on most important tasks.

Capable of sound judgment

As you upgrade in the corporate world, you will likely wear neutral grey or black color scheme uniforms. The reason is it boosts your confidence. Your confidence gives you an edge for thoughtful analysis and sound judgment.

How does it work: Light grey outfits subconsciously reduce emotional influence. This works best during decision-making as you will have a sense of calm. The person relies more on logic and reason. And ultimately he will have sounder judgment.

Example: Works well on grey apron-wearing doctors for measured approach during surgery.

Light grey color beyond fashion

Color grey is too weak to be a masculine color and too menacing to be a feminine color, stated historian Eva Heller [1].

That’s the reason it is often talked about less. According to the survey, 1% of people regard grey as their favorite color and 13% as their least favorite color.

Light grey is globally associated with the elderly color. That’s why The New York Times is sometimes referred to as The Grey Lady for its prolonged history in American journalism.

Light grey is the color of ashes. Many Western faiths regard grey as the color of death. 

In industrial environments, light grey is considered functional. Modern brands such as in the automotive industry see the color grey as the hue of sophistication.

Grey is the neutral backdrop color in marketing. You can simply use them as background where your product needs a focus. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What emotion does light grey represent?

Light grey makes a person emotionally humble, empathic, and resilient. They are more open to learning to be accountable for their actions. Self-awareness is more likely a prominent emotion when it comes to the powerful color grey.

What is the color psychology of grey?

The psychological properties of grey are balanced, mature, and neural. Association with the color grey can make a person detached, professional, and sophisticated. In some negative connotations, it can boost indecisiveness and lack of clarity. 

What does the color grey symbolize?

The color grey is associated with old age or the elderly. That’s why it symbolizes the modesty and maturity that comes with age. Alternately, when something is referred to as a ‘grey area’, it symbolizes a lack of direction.

What does light grey mean?

Light grey means a neutral color on an airiness shade of grey. It is a stimulating color of maturity, neutrality, and wisdom. It is more leaned toward a calm and bright spectrum of grey.

Is grey a positive or negative color?

Colors can not always be subjected to negative or positive context. Similarly, grey isn’t inherently positive or negative. You can refer to the impact of grey based on situation and perception. Dark greys are more somber. Lighter shades are neutral and balanced. Perception-wise, it is detached (positive) and dull (negative).

Is light grey a good color?

Yes, Light grey is a good and popular color because of its neutrality. Adding any undertones on light grey can pull different emotions. Blue undertones inspire peace. Brown undertones create a cozy workplace. Even without undertones, it can be a calming color.


The summary of this article is that light grey is not dull, it’s mature.

Any complementary color would look wonderful in light grey dresses and the same goes for accessories.

So start making grey your neutral backdrop in styling.

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[1] Heller, Eva (2009). Psychologie de la couleur – Effets et symboliques. Pyramyd (French translation).