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Color Psychology in Fashion: How Royal Blue Boosts Power?

The color that became royal because the queen wore it? Yes, this is the story of Royal Blue. 

That’s why when you wear these deep blue shade clothes, you feel powerful like you are some sort of authority.

Though this shade of blue went through various changes – names and hues, it remained the color of power.

We have researched and presented how royal blue can boost power inside you. By the end of the article you will learn

  • Royal blue color psychology
  • History of royal color
  • Color similar to royal blue and differences
  • How royal blue boosts power
  • Royal blue color beyond fashion
  • what colors will go with royal blue

Royal Blue color psychology

Gemini AI defines color psychology as the study of how colors affect human emotions, perception, and behavior. In the case of Royal Blue, it’s how the royal blue color affects human’s perception.

The hex code of color royal blue is #4169E1. It is the specific combination of red, green and blue shades.

Royal blue sits between blue and violet in the color wheel. It is more on the red side compared to the pure blue side.

Some real life examples of Royal Blue are

  • Traditional color of Ford
  • Blue logo of Tiffany and Co. and Samsung
  • Facebook and X (former twitter) brand color
  • Color of Blue Jay bird
  • Britain flag

History of Royal Blue color

The specific royal blue shade emerged in the 18th century in England. In Somerset, a local textile mill took part in designing dresses for Queen Charlotte, reigning her highness of England. This was back in 1784.

The mill made the cloth in blue and won the competition. The fabric has been named ‘royal blue’ since then.

The various shades interchanged throughout history. Initially, only darker shades were considered royal. But coming to 1950s lighter shades became more prominent and popular choice.

Its shades have their own unique name. The medium tone is referred to as ‘Queen Blue’. The darker shade close to the navy is called ‘Imperial Blue‘. Even the royal blue in Britain flag has its unique name ‘Union Jack’

Similar Colors to Royal Blue

There are many close companions of royal blue. 

There is Navy Blue, a darker cousin. It gives a more black and formal feel. That’s why there are many celebrities slaying the red carpet in navy blue.

Both royal and navy blue are the colors of authority and trust. The difference is navy is less vibrant and less serious compared to royal blue.

Cobalt blue is an electric and eye-catching hue of blue. Cobalt blue is the color of productivity. While both royal and cobalt blue radiates confidence, cobalt is more energetic and royal is stable blue.

Sapphire blue is a bit greener or nature centric. You can not say the same about royal blue as it gives you a richer feel. Both blues are associated with luxury.

Cerulean blue is a lighter and brighter shade compared to royal blue. Both are colors of peace. Cerulean is a bit soft summery blue but royal blue is more sophisticated.

Royal Blue in Fashion: Boosting Power

The power origin of royal blue adds more to psychological effects. This color does boost a sense of power in you. Here’s how:

Calming effectsExpectationsSubconscious message in mind
Mentally SharpBrain reason associated with high-order thinkingExplorative Mindset
Expansion of mindMental clutterFree of misseries
TrustActivates the melanopsin photoreceptor systemImprove Logical reasoning

Makes a person honest

Wearing royal blue gives you perception of trust, authority and confidence. This will affect your behavior and showcases honesty in you.

There will be a subconscious message to live up to expectation of the color. That will make you focus more on being honest. 

Blue colors are linked to calming effects and trustworthiness. As these are activated, it will lead to perception of increased honesty.

An honest person is not afraid of his moral compasses. His trait makes him a stand out and powerful human.

Generates creativity with inspiration

Blue hues might activate brain regions associated with higher-order thinking and problem-solving.

The research shows that in blue you will grasp happiness and inspiration much faster compared to other colors [1].

Royal blue clothes make you feel more capable and mentally sharp. You will have an open and explorative mindset for creative performance.

An explorative mindset helps reduce distraction. You will have more burning ideas inside you.

More ideas means you have plans. The plans will slowly convert into richer and authoritative results, giving you all the power you need.

Increases spiritual connection

Calming nature of royal blue reduces mental clutter. As a peace mind, you will now have the foundation for something greater than oneself. 

More you are wearing this spiritual color, it will take you to vastness of ocean and depth of sky. Your expansion will link you with spiritual connections.

The spiritual path is different for every individual. Once you are spiritual you are more into exploring rather than collecting materialistic objects.

When you finally become free of miseries of the materials, you require nothing. Who is more powerful than an individual who desires no objects given by a man?

Promotes stability and secureness

Blue hues are connected with trust. When you have trust you will develop inner security and emotional stability.

It also provides confidence in you. Confident person is more grounded and secure.

Research has shown that blue shades can contribute to logical reasoning. It activates the melanopsin photoreceptor system involved in sub-cortical arousal and higher-order attentional processing [2]. 

Rational mind is the major trait of powerful people. Wearing royal blue makes your mind rational and stable, giving more power for succeeding.

Royal Blue color beyond fashion

Royal blue has a wide implication far beyond the fashion world.

British royalty and even western cultures consider it as a symbol of prestige. The use of this color is prevalent in other monarchies and official documents too.

Brands use royal blue to project an image of exclusivity, quality, and tradition. 

Royal blue in art provides boldness and vibrancy. Some objects to highlight in arts are sky, water or mystery. Modern graphics use this color to grab attention quickly.

Royal blue is not very common in nature though. There are some exotic birds and deep sea creatures but their sightings are rare. 

Scientists have used royal blue pigments (Trypan Blue) to dye biological samples for easier observation under microscopes [3].

In sports, royal blue means determination. When used by a team, it is the color of unity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the color royal blue symbolize?

Color royal blue symbolizes regal authority, power and trust. This comes from its historical connection with the British Crown. Royal blue hues make you feel confidence, security, and reliability.

What does the color blue do psychologically?

Most blue connects dark blue with sadness psychologically. It is not completely untrue. Darker blues are proven to make people frown. But this definitive royal shade psychologically makes you calm, confident, and stable.

Is royal blue a calm color?

Yes, Royal blue can be considered as a calm color. Though not as calm as other softer shades, it can promote peace and serene feelings. It can blend well in sophisticated setups that can create a balanced atmosphere.

What colors go with royal blue?

Royal blue can go with various colored combinations. If you want a regal look, combine it with gold or silver or white color. Vibrant lovers can try out this shade with yellow, green or orange shade. Black or gray with royal blue can make you calm.

How to use the color royal blue?

The color royal blue is used as a bold statement piece. Use it in your apparel or brands for a sophisticated accent. Imply it if you want to add a touch of authority. However, over-focus on it can make you seem proud or overpowered.


Royal blue boosts power through honesty, inspiration, spiritual connection, and stability.

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