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How to Choose the Perfect Mens Cashmere Scarf?

Cashmere scarves are a timeless and expensive accessory. Once you buy it, it will stay the same for a lifetime.

But while choosing one, you must be careful. As you are buying an investment piece, your money should fully utilize its worth.

Plus, a purchase guide can help you identify pure luxurious cashmere, make fashion choices, and be safe from scammers.

This is the blog for knowing the best quality men’s cashmere scarf. It will help you pick the best scarf for your style and comfort.

Traits of the best men’s cashmere scarf

There are several factors to look into before making a scarf-purchasing decision. We have segregated them into 10 distinct traits. 

1. Grade of Natural Fiber

When it comes to animal fabric, grade matters. Look at the specifications. Check which grade cashmere is used for making the scarf.

Grade A cashmere is of the best quality. The finest grades are extracted from the first fleece of the Chyangra goat and called a ‘baby cashmere’.

Also, look at the cashmere blend. Cashmere blended with silk or wool for added warmth is cheaper.

But if you want an impeccable soft feel, purchase a 100% pure cashmere scarf.

2. Weight and Warmth

Cashmere scarves are prepared based on seasonality. Figure out your region’s climatic condition or weather of the place you are going to.

Look for a description, is it a heavy or featherweight cashmere scarf? Heavy cashmere is thick and more suited for winter. Lightweight cashmere is light and can be worn in spring and summer.

The weight varies similarly. Thicker cashmere designs have more mass and lightweight ones are airy.

3. Size

Size defines your styling preference for wraps. You can find petite, middle, and oversized scarves in the market. You can even customize your ideal size scarf.

Example: If you want to loosely drape the scarf, a short one will work. But, changing the scarf into a top might require an oversized one.

The best size to buy is a 100cmx200cm lightweight scarf. You can drape it single-fold in the summer season. 

You can restyle it as a top, headwear, or belt. Folding converts it into two layers of a 50cm wide scarf, which can also be warm in colder months.

4. Color and Pattern

Many might recommend you to choose color and pattern as per your preferences. But, they both are the psychological factors of fashion.

Each color and design can boost a certain aspect of your subconscious mind. Example: Black boosts strength and Royal blue makes you feel powerful.

Plus as the visual factor for fashion, matching color is a must. First, analyze your style and wear. 

Based on your fashion, research the matching color. You can find a range of colors in every cashmere store. Pick the most ideal one.

5. Fringe or No fringe

Fringes are cashmere yarn stitches at the end of scarves. There is a common trend of adding fringe on the wraps. And it looks elegant!

However, it can lead to snagging. Your scarf can be damaged with a simple pull as fringes are delicate.

For a timeless piece that is easy to care for, buy a scarf in cashmere without the fringes.

6. Brand

There are numerous brands claiming to have the most stylish cashmere scarf. But which one to pick?

These times there are very few recognized international brands selling cashmere scarves. It’s hard for equally ethical new companies to convert people to buy their products.

Before purchasing, look for an ‘About Us’ page of the brand. Read their stories and objectives

Check their refund and return policies. Also, it is good to compare prices as you get to know the average costs of a scarf. 

7. Care Instruction

Cashmere is a delicate fabric. You need to follow a somewhat strict care instruction to preserve its timelessness.

Look for the care instructions on its label. There are guides on how to wash cashmere, pilling removal, and storing tips. The following guides make cashmere scarves extremely durable.

If it is hard for you to follow care steps, then it is better to look for other neck warp fabric options.

8. Seasonality

Lightweight cashmere scarves are good for both seasons. It is a breathable fabric that allows air to pass inside it. But if you are from a cold region, get a bulkier one. 

Look for descriptions regarding weight, length, and type. If you are not sure about the category, ask customer service before adding it to the cart.

9. Versatility

Choosing accessories is toggling with your versatility. It is best to choose the most versatile scarf looking at your styling.

You can wear a cashmere scarf with a suit for a polished look, or with jeans and a T-shirt for a more casual look.

10. Budget

Price is a major factor before buying the product. Cashmere are expensive fibers.

However, many brands charge high extraordinary prices in the name of luxury. The cost should be within the ethical calculations.

In a system where fair pay for workers exists, there should be an ideal price for customers too. 

Look for traits like the region of cashmere goats, fiber quality, making process, the skill of artisans, and cashmere purity for evaluating the price.

Do our men’s Cashmere Scarves tick all the boxes?

Colorful Cashmere has a wide range of cashmere scarves to choose from. We are more inclined for women’s scarves but some of our colors suit men.

The table below is to look into our cashmere collection and check the suitability based on our evaluations.

Traits Our ScarvesTick Boxes or Not?
Grade of the fiberGrade A 100% cashmere
Weight and Warmth70 grams, lightweight
Size100 cm X 200 cm
Color and PatternSolid colors with no patterns
Fringe or No fringeNo fringe
BrandHandmade Cashmere Scarf
Care InstructionDurable and high color fastness
Seasonality Summer (works for winter too)
VersatilityTops, Scarfs, Shawls, and Wraps

Don’ts of selecting men’s scarves

There are several don’ts before selecting the best men’s scarves:

  • Don’t ignore the fabric quality and cashmere percentage,
  • Don’t forget to fit length and weight for the desired look,
  • Don’t clash with wardrobe clothes complement,
  • Don’t underestimate the amount of care required for cashmere scarf,
  • Don’t skip the label description,
  • Don’t prioritize clothing brand over quality and price, and
  • Don’t omit the season and climate. 

Common Questions and Answers

Is cashmere good for a scarf?

Cashmere is the best for the scarf. It is immeasurably soft against the skin. The material is breathable and can trap heat without any irritation. It adds luxury and value to your clothes. It is durable, soft, and blends in any style.

Can men wear cashmere scarves?

Yes, Men can wear cashmere scarves. It is for classical men to elevate looks and add a touch of luxury. Men can enjoy many colors and patterns. They can wear scarves at both casual and formal events.

How much should a cashmere scarf be?

The exact price of a cashmere scarf depends upon various factors. You can expect a price from $100-500 for 100% pure cashmere. Well-known brands have a more expensive price range compared to other ethical brands despite having the same high-quality fabric.

Is real cashmere expensive?

Yes, real cashmere is expensive. It takes 1 year for a single cashmere goat to generate material for 2 lightweight scarves. Such goats can be raised only in the Himalayas. The handmade scarves add to the cost as the manual process of collecting and combing the cashmere is delicate. 


Referring to the 10 traits above, you can choose the perfect men’s cashmere scarf.

As the whole world is shopping online, there might be scams and fake products in the market.

Purchase from trusted brands such as Colorful Cashmere for the reliable 100% lightweight cashmere scarf.