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At Colorful Cashmere, we’re passionate about creating the finest cashmere garments that are as kind to the environment as they are to your skin. Our story began with a desire to bring authentic Himalaya cashmere to the world, while promoting ethical production practices and sustainable herding techniques.

Rational Grazing Practices for Cashmere Goats

Our Story

We fell in love with Chyangra cashmere on a trip to the Mustang. It’s incredibly soft and warm! But something felt wrong. The industry didn’t always treat animals or the land well. Colorful Cashmere was born from that feeling. We wanted beautiful scarves made with love for the goats, the herders, and the planet.

Working with nomadic herders, we make sure: Goats are treated kindly. The land stays healthy.

Our scarves are: Soft and luxurious, made with the finest cashmere. And Designed to last, classic styles that never go out of fashion.

Colorful Cashmere isn’t just scarves, it’s a feeling. Feel good about what you wear and where it comes from. 

Cashmere goats with herder

Cashmere with a Conscience

We source our cashmere directly from nomadic herders in the Mountain communities of Nepal. The harsh climate produces some of the world’s most prized cashmere fibers in this region.

We work closely with these herders to guarantee their animals are treated with respect and their traditional way of life is preserved. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond animal welfare. We use eco-friendly dyes and minimal processing techniques to minimize our environmental impact.

We believe everyone deserves a fair deal. The herders get a good price for their cashmere, which helps them support their families and keep their traditions alive. This means schools for their kids, better healthcare, and stronger communities.

Weaving cashmere wrap

Artisan Empowerment

We believe luxury shouldn’t come at a cost. Not to the environment, and not to the people who make our scarves possible. That’s why we partner with nomadic herders in the high mountains of Himalayas.

These herders have raised cashmere goats for generations. We work with them to promise their animals are treated well and the land stays healthy. We also pay fair prices for their cashmere which helps them to support their families and traditions.

Each Colorful Cashmere scarf is a connection to these skilled artisans and their heritage. It’s a timeless piece that lets you express your style while celebrating a rich culture. When you wear a Colorful Cashmere scarf, you feel good knowing you’re supporting a good cause. You look good because our scarves are simply beautiful. It’s a win-win!

Light Blue Lightweight Cashmere Scarf - Texture

Unmatched Quality and Timeless Design

Our ethical cashmere wraps are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. We use only the finest quality yarns and employ traditional knitting methods to create garments that are both luxurious and durable. 


The cashmere feels like a cloud against your skin, impossibly soft and light. It’s a luxurious experience unlike any other. It’s a natural fiber unlike with unmatched softness and warmth that you can feel with every touch.


Luxury shouldn’t come at a cost to the environment or animal welfare. That’s why we partner with nomadic herders who raise their goats with the utmost care. These herders have a deep respect for their animals and the land.


We believe in transparency – you can be confident that your Colorful Cashmere scarf comes from a source that prioritizes both ethical treatment and environmental responsibility.

Timeless Design

Colorful Cashmere scarves are not just seasonal trends. They’re timeless pieces designed to become cherished companions in your wardrobe for years to come. Our skilled artisans use traditional knitting techniques passed down through generations to create everlasting classic designs.

say no to fast fashion
Cashmere fiber sustainability - eco-friendly fashion

Fight against Carbon Footprint

Did you know the fashion industry is a major contributor to climate change? It’s responsible for a whopping 10% of global carbon emissions. That’s more than international flights and maritime shipping combined! This means a lot of clothes come at a hidden cost to our planet.

At Colorful Cashmere, we believe in a different kind of luxury. Our focus is on timeless cashmere scarves made with the environment in mind. Colorful Cashmere scarf is a breath of fresh air for your wardrobe and the Earth.

Cashmere goats are perfectly adapted to the harsh and cold mountain climate. Their coats naturally grow thicker in winter to keep them warm without needing extra energy or resources.

Built to Last, Cashmere is incredibly durable. A well-made scarf can last for years. It can reduce the need for constant clothing replacement and the environmental impact that comes with it.

On top of that, we work directly with nomadic herders who use traditional, eco-friendly grazing methods that protect the delicate mountain ecosystem.

When you choose Colorful Cashmere, you’re not just getting a luxurious scarf. You’re choosing a brand that celebrates nature’s design, minimizes waste, and respects the environment. It’s warmth you can feel good about, inside and out.

Experience the Colorful Cashmere Difference

We invite you to step into the world of Colorful Cashmere. Explore our collection and discover the difference that true quality, ethical sourcing, and timeless design can make. Invest in slow fashion – beautiful, well-made cashmere pieces that will bring you comfort and confidence for years to come.